Infants & toddlers



 At Leaps & Bounds, we understand that parents are looking for a “home away from home” when selecting a child care center; a place where your child will be and feel safe as they grow, play, and learn. 

 Our teachers carefully observe each infant’s routine, and then introduce a variety of daily activities that will help your infant develop their mind and body. Your infant’s daily events and activities, such as diapering, napping, and eating are recorded on a chart and provided for you at the end of each day.

Our infant program has four main goals for your child and that is to learn about their self and others, to learn about moving, to learn about the world, and to learn about communicating.  Each of these goals help you and our teachers evaluate your each infant's development.




Some Toddlers are just beginning to crawl and walk; who are learning and developing so rapidly, every day is different from the last. During this time in a child’s development, providing a variety of physical and cognitive learning experiences is essential. Therefore, at Leaps & Bounds the Toddler classroom has a wide variety of equipment and materials available to challenge each child at every level of their development. A daily record of your toddler’s activities is kept and provided at pick-up.

Some of our Toddlers are highly mobile. These toddlers are forming their first words, experimenting with trial-and-error to solve problems, and learning to function as a part of a group. Our Toddler classroom schedule is implemented and the children participate in a variety of planned large and small group, as well as one-on-one, activities. 

Our toddler program has four goals for your child: to learn about himself and others; to learn about moving; to learn about the world; and to learn about communicating. Each of these goals has several objectives that include regulating own behavior, learning to be a member of a group, learning and understanding how objects can be used, and developing language skills.